About Us

Norcal Recognition Products (NRP) is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of graduation announcements, class rings, championship rings, caps and gowns, academic regalia, diplomas, diploma covers and certificates. NRP has manufactured and distributed products for the scholastic community for over 50 years. We are the preferred partner for more than 3,000 high schools and colleges nationwide and the printer of choice for a wide range of prestigious customers, including the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals. NRP has won numerous national and international printing awards, including the Golden Leaf Award and the Printing Industries of America Premier Print Award. Our headquarters are located in Salinas, California, while our main production facility is located in Mankato, Minnesota. 

NRP is proud to honor students as they experience important milestones on their journey toward graduation and beyond. NRP is invested in celebrating the accomplishments of schools, students and communities everywhere, and we aspire to create relationships that extend far beyond the quality products we produce. NRP provides value to you and your school by offering award-winning, superior graduation announcements and class rings at fair prices, saving students, parents and schools up to 30% over current suppliers. We also provide the unparalleled NRP Commitment to Graduation Ceremony and Legacy Program, at no charge. NRP offers the highest level of flexibility and customization resulting in the best products, programs and services that meet the needs of your school.

Why do customers prefer NRP to our competitors? We offer premium service including ring cleaning, cap and gown measuring, hand delivery and more. We do not work with or provide unethical contracts which benefit the supplier and not the students. NRP’s quality and service assure us continued business with your school. NRP publishes all pricing in an easy-to-understand format. We do not have pricing tricks or hidden fees that penalize customers. In addition, with NRP you will have the industry’s best warranty for all products, we will replace, exchange or repair any defective product that does not meet the highest standards out customers expect when purchasing our products. Most important of all, NRP has never missed a graduation date and we have always delivered in time for the graduation ceremony.