Frequently Asked Questions

Orders can be placed online by selecting your school here and paying with a credit or debit card.

Orders will be shipped to and delivered at School unless otherwise specified.

Orders are custom manufactured for each student and will be delivered in the Spring semester.  The exact date and time of delivery will be announced to you at a later date.

Graduation announcements are the formal way of notifying family, relatives, friends of the graduate’s accomplishment. They are typically mailed out 2-3 weeks before graduation and up to three weeks after graduation. The announcements are custom-designed with your school’s official seal and colors. The date, time, and location of the graduation ceremony are printed inside the announcement. There is also room inside to include a wallet size photo of the graduate.

You will need to fill in your height (with shoes) and weight on your order form. The cap is “one-size-fits-all”. No head measurement is needed. The color of your cap and gown is pre-determined by your school.

When you receive your cap and gown, take it out of the bag and hang it on a hanger. You may use an iron on low heat with light steam to remove any wrinkles on the gown. It is not necessary to wash the gown and your gown is delivered properly cleaned.

Yes. Each school has a designated deadline. Check with your school. Orders placed after the deadline are considered a late order. Late orders cost more and have a limited selection of available items.

Order your class ring here. Or select your school from the home page, and click on the “Class Rings” icon to view our online catalog and design and place your order with a credit or debit card.

To request a free ring sizer, email us at [email protected] Send us your name and mailing address and we will mail you a sizer.

Your class ring will be shipped directly to your home in approximately 6-7 weeks.

No. Class rings may be ordered online at any time.

Your school orders and provides your diploma and will give it to you after the graduation ceremony.

We custom design and manufacture Championship rings for all High School and College Sports. We will personally meet with your Coaches and team to show you our extensive sample line and assist you in designing a team ring that details your championship season. Champ ring orders are done on a team basis and cannot be ordered individually.

You can download and print out our order form by clicking here.  Complete the order form and mail it to us at the address printed on the bottom of the form along with a money order.  (checks not accepted).

For more information, send us an email at
[email protected]